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24 | 04 | 2023

The Science Museum of the University of Navarra joins the Pamplona Biomarathon with a school and family activity on its campus


22 | 03 | 2023

The University of Navarra celebrates Poetry and Forest Day with a recital in front of one of its most emblematic trees.



21 | 02 | 2023

"Carbon - The Unauthorised Biography," reflecting on the importance of carbon to life, best documentary at #LabMeCrazy! Science Film Festival


14 | 02 | 2023

#LabMeCrazy! Science Film Festival will screen the best science film documentaries in Pamplona


09 | 02 | 2023

Science and art go hand in hand: the Science Museum and the MUN inaugurate the exhibition 'Reazione Nera. Cajal and the nervous impulse of photography'.