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Microbes from the Museum

The Science Museum collaborates with the project"#microBIOscope: microbes in the museum", an initiative of the scientific popularizer Ignacio López-Goñi (@microbioblog) that consists of broadcasting videos through social networks (Periscope, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) and blog. Through this format he explains, in a brief and entertaining but rigorous way, some curiosities about the microbial world always in relation to other living beings and pieces of the Science Museum of the University of Navarra.

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Microbial biodiversity


Giant bacteria




Neanderthal bacteria


What about Lassa?


HIV Autotest


Armadillos and leprosy


Spider silk and bacteria


The duck flu of 1918


BSL3 Biosafety Lab.


Bacteria in space


The Komodo dragon

Aplicaciones anidadas



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Known and unknown issues of the chorus


This initiative is supported by the FECYT (ref.: FCT-17-11818).